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Welcome to Imagine Storage Solutions, Inc.

Imagine Storage Solutions, Inc. offers complete home storage organization products and services that allow the homeowner the comfort and ease of creating a more gratifying, functional work space anywhere in their home.

We start with our initial site visit to determine your basic needs and expectations, focusing on placement of our exclusively manufactured product, the HandiWALL®. Installed on your walls providing cosmetic appeal along with functional attributes, we then finish it off with applicable trim pieces to add quality and consistency.

Our Professional Organizer makes your job easy, as they work with you in recommending accessory needs, clean and prepares the work site, helps you determine what stays and what goes, and then, after installation, places everything in its new location! You just sit back and watch the transformation take place.
Imagine Storage Solutions, Inc., your full services design and installation of storage and organization products:

  • You will buy factory direct from the manufacturer and save
  • Imagine Storage Solutions, Inc. is family owned  and operated
  • We are a member of the Better Business  Bureau

    Contact us to start the journey to satisfying your home storage and organization needs!